Workshop: Building Performance Simulation for the Sustainable Design of Built Environments
(This event has passed)

Jun 16–18, 2013
Organized by: EECA Egyptian Earth Construction Association
Venue: EECA Egyptian Earth Construction Association
Address: 20A Adly Street, 5th floor, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: by registration

Did you ever wonder how can a designer evaluate a building, or a group of buildings, for energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability? The use of computer models to simulate the performance of buildings is an effective way of doing so, and this workshop aims to equip you with the tools to become a powerful designer of sustainable built environments.

Participants of this 3-day workshop will be given an introduction and an overview of building science and environmental control techniques. They will also gain insight on what computer tools are available in practice to assess various measures during the design process of built environments. This knowledge will then be applied practically through a hands-on experience in using cutting-edge simulation tools that will equip architects, urban designers and planners with metrics that support the sustainable design of buildings and spaces.

Both students and practitioners are welcome, and no background in building science and environmental control is needed.

Day 1:
Introducing Building Performance Simulation (BPS)

Day 2:
Simulation on the Building Scale (DIVA for Rhino)

Day 3: Simulation on the Urban Scale (umi)


Registration Fee: 550 LE
Registration Deadline: 27th of July, 2013
Venue: Egyptian Earth Construction Association Headquarters

For registration, please contact:
Mr. Abdelhamid Salah, Mobile: 01224427512


Who's teaching?
I am a designer currently conducting research in sustainable urbanism through a PhD in Building Technology in the Department of Architecture at MIT. I spent the last six years conducting cross-disciplinary research in cooperation with scholars in the fields of building science, energy efficiency, performance simulation, sustainability, generative design, computation and optimization. My current research work is in the field of sustainable urban transportation, and my focus is on developing simulation tools and metrics for architects and urban designers to assess the walkability and bikeability of neighborhoods and cities. I hold a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Architecture from Cairo University. I am a licensed architect in Egypt and a Certified Passive House Consultant in the United States.

It would be my pleasure to work with you on developing your Building Performance Simulation skills, which will be a valuable asset in your professional and/or academic career.

For any technical questions, please email:
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