CURL - Cairo Urban Resource Library

CURL is a dedicated library collection available to researchers and scholars, housed at Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training & Environmental Research (CLUSTER).

43 Sherif Street, 3rd Floor, Apt.12, Downtown
Phone: 02 - 2390 7435
Hours: Monday - Wednesday 10 am to 4 pm


To browse the CURL catalogue (beta-version) go to:


CURL is a focused Architecture/Urbanism collection within the context of an interdisciplinary library, including books, maps, and technical reports related to:

• Modern Urbanism – Cairo
• Urban Geography – Egypt
• Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism
• American Architecture and Urbanism
• Urban History and Theory
• Architectural History
• Architectural Design and Theory
• Vernacular Architecture/Informal Urbanism
• Art History and Theory
• Art Catalogues and Brochures

The CURL catalogue system in development is an online distributed library resource for Architecture/Urbanism collections in Cairo.

To join the CURL system,
please contact:


CURL is supported by the British Council