SUMMER SCHOOL: The Former Al-Ahram Brewery in Cairo - Concepts for the Reuse of an Historical Industrial Building
(This event has passed)

Please note that the the summer school has been postponed to the beginning of the spring term 2014.


in Giza was established in 1898 as „Brasserie des Pyramides“, a Belgian-Egyptian enterprise with Belgian capital and knowhow. It was one of the first and largest industrial-scale breweries in Egypt, combining state-of-the-art technology and machinery with a monumental castle-style exterior. It is one of the most impressive surviving examples of 19th-century industrial architecture along the Nile. Decommissioned in 2001, stripped of its equipment, and neglected for years, the premises are now earmarked for a planned extension of the adjacent main campus of Cairo University. 


The challenge is now to revitalize and convert the historical factory buildings and integrate them into an encompassing planning concept for the university extension, creating attractive and innovative spaces for Cairo University’s needs and future development.


is a 12-day training and design workshop, to take place between September 22 and October 3, 2013. It will take place on site and at Cairo University as an intensive design studio supported by lectures, presentations, and thematic excursions. Architecture students from Egypt and Germany will work together in teams, supervised by an internationally composed group of teachers and experts. Students will have to analyse the site (existing buildings and urban context) and to develop creative and innovative ideas for the conversion of the brewery. The summer school will conclude with a public presentation of the participants’ designs.

We are looking for highly motivated and resilient architecture students who have completed the 6th semester. Send your short CV, a motivation letter, and a portfolio with max. 4 projects (A4, pdf-file, max. 10MB)
- 10 German students: via email to
- Cairo University students: please contact Dr. Sahar Imam
- GUC students: please contact Prof. Barbara Pampe

The grant covers travel and accommodation for the German students and the organisational costs for all the students.

Deadline for German students: August 31, 2013
Deadline for Cairo University students: September 15, 2013