Photo Exhibit: Brutal Canvas (Four Years of Graffiti)
(This event has passed)

Apr 3–May 2, 2015

Graffiti is never for ever.
The walls are changing all the time…In Cairo the walls have told the story of hope, sorrow, fear and resistance for more than 4 years. Brutal Canvas shows some of this historic wall talk.

Photographer Mia Grondahl has documented the graffiti and the writings on the walls of the GrEEK Campus, Cairo (the streets of Mohamed Mahmoud, Falaki and Yousef Al Guindy), from 2011 until now.

The exhibit is a joint event between the photographer Mia Grondahl, the GrEEK Campus, and part of D-CAF the Downtown Contemporary Art Festival 2015.

The images shows graffiti and street art by Alaa Awad, Abood, Ammar Abu Bakr, The Winged Elephant, the Mozza, Naguib, Tefa, El Teneen, Abdalla Ragab, Kareem Gouda, Khokha, Mohamed Radwan, Hanaa ElDegham, Hany Ghabriel, Mona Lisa Brigades, and artists unknown to the photographer.