Mohamed Abla :: Tales for Reem
(This event has passed)

Jun 3–Jul 2, 2015
Organized by: Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art
Venue: Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art
Address: 8 Champollion St., Downtown Cairo, Egypt

To celebrate the gallery’s 25 Anniversary, Mashrabia is thrilled to present Tales for Reem, a solo show by renowned Egyptian artist Mohammed Abla. Tales for Reem brings together a collection of mono and polychromatic cut outs mono-prints. 

A shelter from social and political concerns, Tales for Reem is much tied to Abla’s private life. Accounting both personal and cultural background of the artist, the work is a visual narration of myths and fables moving between reality and fantasy. 

Behind the playful aesthetic of the silhouettes, more is enclosed in these images. The simple figures symbolically embody and tell compelling issues, creating a further level of significance, understanding and analysis and bringing the painting to the edge between childhood and adulthood. 

Mohammed Abla was born in 1953 in Belqas (Mansoura), Egypt. After graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, he moved to Europe where he spent 7 years travelling and studying between France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This experience brought him exposure to the international art scene and extensive his work gained several prestigious prizes both in Egypt and abroad. His extensive work has been awarded both in Egypt and abroad, where the artist received several prestigious prizes. 
He currently lives in Egypt and works between Cairo, Fayoum and Germany.