LOOPERIA project - Live performance
(This event has passed)

Mar 28, 2013 8:00pm
Organized by: Sufi Bookstore
Venue: Sufi Bookstore
Address: 12 Sayed Bakry Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
Admission: 25 LE, limited places

LOOPERIA is a sound that comes from deep of Africa passing through North West Africa to Egypt. Mixing the African flavor with Spiritual lyrics and gnawa sense and beats, LOOPERIA perform to deliver Sufi spirit depending on loops of rhythm and music lines,the output expresses feelings towards god, love, peace and surely our big mother ……Africa.

Shereen Abdo : Vocal & Co-Founder
Kemoslang(Mohamed Kamal) : Lead Guitar - Founder & Composer
Mahmoud El- Sagher : Vocal 
Amr Abd El-Fattah:Drummer& Co-Founder
Mohamed Amin : Oud 
Marawan:Keyboard& Co-Founder
Amr El-Zanaty :percussion
Nabil Sami :Visual Art

Looperia songs:
1-Peace on Africa :

2-Abn Araby