The Golden Fly - Weaam el Masry
(This event has passed)

May 28–Jun 12, 2013
Organized by: ArtTalks
Venue: ArtTalks
Address: 8 El Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek

In her latest series, The Golden Fly, Weaam El Masry is fearless in tackling the road towards self-fulfillment and liberation in the life of a woman. Faced with the choice to compromise or defy the stigma imposed by the society to realize her dreams, the woman in Weaam El Masry's world is reminiscent of the Golden Fly - an insect that symbolized persistence and bravery in Ancient Egypt. Golden Flies were given as medals of honor to soldiers who fought courageously in battles. Queen Ah-Hotep of the XVIIth Dynasty is known as the only woman to have ever received a Golden Fly medal as she took up arms to save Egypt fromt he enemies when her husband and son got killed.


In Weaam El Masry's world, there are many contemporary Ah-Hoteps - women who take control of their life with boldness, courage and determination, rejecting submission, in order to fulfill their ambitions, despite the patriarchal domination and the moral enslaement witnessed within our societies. They, too, deserve The Golden Fly Medal of Honor.