The Festival of Words
(This event has passed)

Oct 15, 2016 8:00–11:00pm
Organized by: Italian Cultural Institute
Venue: Bayt Al-Sinnari
Address: Bayt Al-Sinnari, Haret Mongue, Behind the "El Saneya School", El-Sayeda Zainab, Cairo, Egypt

The Festival of Words: a way to be in touch with the world.

Learning a language broadens the cultural horizons while reading books ignites creativity and makes dialogue between the wisest human beings possible. The Festival of words is a newly created event that intends to strengthen the relevance of languages, literature and translation. Everyone can extend its personal knowledge reading authors and books from all over the world through professional translation.
The Festival of words aims at giving the Egyptian public the chance to discover new writers and texts which will be performed both in Arabic and in their original language. This event is going to take place on Saturday 15 October at 08:00 PM in Bayt Al-Sinnari close to El Sayeda Zeinab mosque. In that occasion the public will have the possibility to enjoy poems from Hungary, Poland and Spain that will be read by the authors themselves: in Cairo for this special event. In the same night the public will get familiar also with two famous novelists such as Natalia Ginzburg from Italy and Jose’ Luis Peixoto from Portugal. 
The Festival of words reiterates the importance of UNESCO’s celebrations of languages, literature and poetry. Therefore it represents a unique chance to share knowledge among different countries.