Italian Cultural Institute

Mission Statement
The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, Office of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disseminates and promotes knowledge of the Italian language and culture in Egypt, organizes wide-ranging cultural events, in collaboration with Egyptian cultural institutions and in synergy with the country system; responds to requests for information on Italian culture and the Italian university system; organizes courses in Italian language and culture and is in constant contact with the five Egyptian universities where Italian language and culture are taught. The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo coordinates the IICs of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Area: Damascus, Beirut, Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, Rabat, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Pretoria, through the exchange of projects and the organization of joint cultural events. The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo offers the following services to the Egyptian public: • courses in Italian language and civilization held by qualified mother-tongue teachers • an Italian library available to course students and subscribers for consultation and loan • service of information and documentation on Italy in the cultural and university fields • information service on the granting of scholarships • information service on university enrollments in Italy PS: Declarations of the value of educational and professional qualifications are issued at the CONSULAR OFFICE of the Italian Embassy in Cairo. For concert events, for some art exhibitions and for the most important events, the Institute makes use of the collaboration of Egyptian cultural institutions: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Education, and Ministry of Higher Education, Superior Council of Antiquities, Superior Council of Culture, Cairo and Alexandria Opera House, Alexandrian Library, Egyptian Museum of Cairo, Fine Arts Museum of Alexandria, Mohammed Mahmud Khalil Museum, Akhenaten Center of Arts, Palace of Arts, General Book Authority, University. Among the main festivals and events in which the Institute actively and regularly participates are: Cairo and Alexandria International Film Festival, Experimental Theater Festival, Contemporary Dance Festival, Cairo and Alexandria Art Biennial, Biennale of Ceramics, Triennial of Graphics, Cairo International Book Fair, Cairo and Alexandria Children's Book Fair. The Institute also participates with the other member countries in cultural events organized by the Delegation of the European Union in Cairo. Italian Archaeological Center - IIC Cairo The Center's primary objectives are to support all research projects and archaeological missions of Italian scholars in Egypt, and to disseminate Italian Egyptological culture, both through the constant publication of the results of archaeological investigations and research, and through the organization of conferences and exhibitions on their achievements.

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