Decolonization, Dignity and Development Aid
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May 5, 2016 1:00–2:30pm
Admission: Open to all students

Decolonization, Dignity and Development Aid

Abdul Latif Jameel Hall, Room 2110, AUC New Cairo

Samar Ossama
Department of Law


Reem Bahdi, associate professor of law at Windsor University and co-director of the Project on Judicial Independence and Human Dignity in Palestine (KARAMAH), will deliver a lecture titled, "Decolonization, Dignity and Development Aid" 

Bahdi reflects on the possibilities of decolonization through development aid in Palestine. She argues that even development aid frameworks present some opportunities for resistance, refusal and decolonization. In a paper co-written with Mudar Kassis, co-director of KARAMAH, the authors argue that some judges use their professional identity to merge concepts of human dignity and self-determination. By doing so, they ultimately reject the colonial condition inherent in both occupation and aid.