Robotics Workshop
(This event has passed)

Sep 1–6, 2015
Organized by: AlMaqarr Co-working Space
Venue: AlMaqarr Co-working Space
Address: 17 Ibn Sina st. Salah Salem st. Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Robotics is not complicated any more, as now your kids can build their own robot. MechaSTEM is giving your kid the chance to learn through entertainment, your kid will learn both programming and mechanical design using VEX Robotics system that has the ranking # 1 for 


MechaSTEM is a leading edutainment Egyptian company founded in August 2014 with the goal of changing the way of the Egyptian education by converting it to the edutainment way through the "STEM educational system" which is 4 interdisciplinary tracks of (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

Why robotics:
1) Robotics has become vital to our lives nowadays, as everything from the car you drive to the energy it runs on is dependent in some way on the power of robotics and mechanical engineering.
2) Robotics is the perfect way to teach young kids a lot of advanced technical concepts such as programming, mechanical engineering, design… etc.
3) Simply robotics is the future and we have to start learning in order to cope with the future technology.


Work Shop content 
1st Day 5Hours
a. Introduction to robotics.
b. Robotics Key concepts.
c. Robot components
d. Robot base design concept:
i. Robot Base characteristic
ii. 4wheel Vs. 2wheel.
iii. Front drive Vs. back drive.
e. Gear ratio.
f. Build your robot base.
g. Marshmallow Game 
h. Team working and Critical thinking 
2nd Day 5Hours
a. Lifting mechanism by rotational motion.
b. Gripper mechanism.
c. Gears Vs. Chain.
d. Planning and flow chart thinking.
e. Pen Game.
f. Introduction to programing.
g. RobotC programing language.
h. Basic behavior programing.
i. Wait function.
j. Autonomous task programming.
3rd Day 5Hours
a. Repeat function.
b. If / else function.
c. Remote control functions.
d. Build a culture of innovation Camp. 
e. Graduation project seminar