Shouf - Photo Stories from Egypt
(This event has passed)

Jan 12–17, 2014
Organized by: Cairo Atelier (Atelier du Caire)
Venue: Cairo Atelier (Atelier du Caire)
Address: 2 Karim el-Dawla Street, off Mahmoud Bassiouny, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: free

Shouf: Photo Stories from Egypt' is an exhibition of photostories produced by a group of young Egyptian photographers. The photographers participating are Aly Hazzaa, George and Samuel Mohsen, Heba Khalifa, Randa Shaath, Sabry Khaled and Ziad Hassan. 


"The seven photographers all work in photo journalism and chose photography as the medium through which they tell stories. Their photography expresses their views about their country and the world, yet each of them has a different eye and a different angle, and the diversity of their backgrounds and techniques makes an interesting exhibition.

The artists' aim is to create meaningful, subjective narratives through their photographs, countering  traditional forms of media that stereotype individuals and the fixed, rigid molds of society - in their own words, "establishing a parallel, counter, visual memory."

-- Ahram Online