Screening of 'In Light of the revolution' in Darb 1718
(This event has passed)

Apr 10, 2016 7:30–9:30pm
Organized by: Darb 1718
Venue: Darb 1718
Address: Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo
Admission: Free
Event Language: Danish, English and Arabic

We are glad to screen ‘In Light of the Revolution’ film by Lone Falster & Iben Haahr Andersen

Screening is private, registration is a must for attendance:

Duration: 55 min.
Language: Danish, English and Arabic.

The Arab Spring strikes Egypt in 2011. Driven by empathy, satire and burning passion female artists take courage and their art becomes radical.

In the film we meet eight women, musicians, visual artists, a photographer, a filmmaker and their art.

In this period of time their art is more than just a matter of beauty. It is an active, critical voice in the public when the military and the Muslim Brotherhood are struggling to set the agenda.

Impressions and reflections are processed into artistic expression. Hope is maintained and the women encourage the audience to take a position.


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The film is funded by Danida, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DK, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR K, IMS, International Media Support, KVINFO, CKU, Centre for Culture and Development, IKC, Interkulturelt Center, Danish Film Directors.