Revitalizing Urban Rivers - a lecture by G. Mathias Kondolf
(This event has passed)

Revitalizing Urban Rivers - a public lecture by G. Mathias Kondolf, Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture & Envrionmental Planning at the University of California, Berkely.


Revitalizing Urban Rivers

As cities in North America and Europe increasingly seek to bring "nature" into their centres and to make urban neighborhoods more sustainable, water becomes a key element. Creative management of rainwater and improved water quality of urban rivers allows for development of green spaces for human use contact and biodiversity and the de-industrialization of urban waterfronts opens opportunities for vibrant social spaces. River corridors can provide transportation and open space today as they have for millennia. The Nile in Cairo offers tremendous opportunities for riverbank revitalization.


The lecture will take place the the Faculty Club of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering at Cairo University.