Regeneration of Public Spaces in Central Cairo
(This event has passed)

The seminar aims to bring together multi-disciplinary stakeholders to establish a platform of experts working on public space regeneration in its wide context. Through this participatory effort, we aim to share best practices, methodologies, approaches, as well as strategies in order to effectively tackle issues of planning, management, participation, Art, Culture and sustainability of public spaces in Cairo.


The seminar will be held in Arabic and will be divided into 2 parts. First part will include an introduction to the project . The second part will consist of a number of round table discussions followed by a brief of the seminar outcomes, setting the road map for a joint effort to regenerate our city spaces.Your contribution will definitely add to the orientation of the research which will hopefully  lead to implementation of  a pilote project.


The seminar will take place at the Faculty Club of the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University.