Public Space Spring Seminars: Policing and Public Space
(This event has passed)

Feb 18, 2013 6:30–8:30pm
Organized by: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights [EIPR]
Venue: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights [EIPR]
Address: 6 Dar El-Shefa St., Ground Floor, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt

Regulation of public space in times of revolution and in times of political stability

The Public Space Forum invites guests to a discussion on the use and access to public space in Egypt in the context of revolution, and attempts by the state to restore its ability to control public space using legal tools among others. The discussion will raise questions that include: is it possible to create a different and more participatory vision for the regulation of public space than what exists in more democratic countries? What is the role of the state in regulating the right to assemble/protest and other forms of public space usage? What are some of the ways in which the law is used to restrict speech and control access (traffic laws, health and safety regulations)?

The discussion will focus on "protest" as a means to challenge the state, and participate in political processes and not just as a means for expression. It will also focus on the criminalisation of radical protest, "democratic policing", accountability (visibility and the presence of the state), surveillance and infiltration of policing..

Karim Medhat Ennarah, a researcher at the EIPR and Sherief Gaber, a researcher at Takween and a member in Mosireen, are going to discuss the topic with guests. 

The seminar is a part of a series called "Public Space Revolutionized" organized by the Right to the City and Public Space group and hosted by the EIPR. 

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