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Apr 30–Jun 21, 2017
Organized by: The Townhouse Gallery
Venue: The Townhouse Gallery
Address: 10 Nabrawy Street (off Champollion Street) Downtown, Cairo
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/214258965743351/?active_tab=discussion

This is an invitation to think in 3D. "Out of Print" at the Townhouse Factory is a collaboration between tech collective Cairo Hackerspace and members of the public. Individuals are invited to put forth an idea or problem to be translated into physical form: it could be a sound or a gesture, a painting or a photograph. Engineers from Cairo Hackerspace will be available every day of the exhibition from 4 to 8 with 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, scanners and sensors to create, problem-solve, and produce models based on the ideas presented. In addition to participating in the printing process, members of the public are also invited to pen their thoughts on an idea board facing the printers. 

This experiment attempts to challenge notions of value in the process of artistic production. An “original” can be contested when the artwork itself is a reproducible data file; a chance glitch can create something that’s one of a kind. The result of this collaborative interaction is an unpredictable process that raises questions about copyright and intellectual property. 

Ideas and concepts, when transformed into material reality, demonstrate the potential of generative software and 3D printing processes. But is it art if it can be programmatically reproduced? Is it engineering if it challenges modularity? In putting unstructured ideas in conversation with hand built printers, "Out of Print" explores the relationship between art and technology. 

To present an idea and book an appointment please fill form below: 

You can contact Cairo Hackerspace at cairohackerspace@gmail.com.