Origami workshop
(This event has passed)

Sep 17–21, 2015
Organized by: Mahatat for contemporary art
Venue: Mahatat for contemporary art
Address: 8 Rohda St., floor 2, apt. 6, Manial, Cairo, Egypt
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1638074739782171/

Mahatat for Contemporary Art is launching a new “Mosaic” project by organizing an Origami workshop in cooperation with research and documentation center of child’s literature in Manial and Kayan Foundation.

The workshop is an opportunity for children to learn the art of paper folding as well as the art of storytelling.


The workshop will be held over a period of three days, three hours daily starting from 17 September to 21 September 2015. The workshop is available for children between the ages of 10 and 15.


The product of the workshop will be displayed in public spaces in Manial which allows the participation of the people living in the neighborhood through decorating the walls and trees around the center.


Mosaic project is a participatory project with various neighbourhoods and it is part of “Shababeek/ Access to Art” program launched by Mahatat and supported by Drosos Foundation.


Kayan Foundation:


Kayan Foundation was founded in November 2008. It works in field of art and development through writing, music, theater, visual arts and Cinema, in order to create opportunities for creativity, expression and the development of youth and their skills. It also provides the space needed for innovators to promote for their art and practice their activities.

Kayan organized a number of events and festivals in cooperation with several civil society organizations.

The headquarters of Kayan Foundation: 17 Almokhtar- St., Manial El Roda - Cairo


About Mahatat:

Since the establishment of Mahatat L.L.C in 2011, the service provider based in Cairo has been delivering services to art audiences, artists and cultural operators.

Mahatat works toward the accessibility and the decentralization of contemporary art by developing art in public spaces and community art project.