No Weapons, Please!
(This event has passed)

Apr 22–May 6, 2013
Organized by: Arthropologie
Venue: Arthropologie
Address: 13a Mohamed El Maraashly,
Ground floor

No Weapons, Please!
it is a prevalent sign in many shops and restaurants in countries around the world faced with instability, but it is unknown in Egypt. So as a response to the current escalation of violence amongst various parties of Egyptian society, we came up with the idea to extend people an invitation to renounce violence

The Artists

Asmaa Adel
Asmaa El Amawy
Amany Nabil
Ashgan Makarem
Amal Gamal
Eman Dsouky
Hassan Sobhy
Marina Maher
Mohammed Saad
Mohammed El shimy
Manar Hassan
Mahmoud Refaat
Safaa Mohammed
Nadeem Mohammed
Osama Abd El Moneim

Graffiti by Brigades Mona Lisa


Concept by Chadi Adib: