Moustafa El Sawy Siko Music
(This event has passed)

Jun 15–16, 2016
Organized by: El Sawy Culture Wheel
Venue: El Sawy Culture Wheel
Address: 26th of July Street
underneath the 15th of May bridge
Admission: For Members: 20 EGP, For non-members: 25 EGP

Moustafa El Sawy


About the artist

mostafa elsawy siko music 


I worked at Kobry El-Galaa school from Septamber 2011 to septamber 2012 . I worked at Memphis Inter National school from septamber 2012 to septamber 2014 . Now , I am working at Dream International school.
I worked with Dr. Khalil Fadel, one of the best Psychiatry doctors in the arab world , and the first one in Egypt who treate Psychiatric patients using psychological drama and psychiatric sessions using Psychiatric music. I am  vocalist trainer and String instruments trainer in Alhosabir.