Mashrou Elsaada, a public lecture
(This event has passed)

May 6, 2015 11:00am
Organized by: Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Venue: Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Address: Almushir Ahmad Ismail St., Masakin Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
23 متفرع من ش الدقى، الدقى، Giza, Giza Governorate

Mashrou Elsaada was founded in 2013, and what inspired its start was the huge psychological deficit in our society that has been increasing in the past years. This has been very clear in most of Egypt's slums, which have been neglected and worn out by time, just like the people living there. Those people hold strong communal values and form a strong connection with the places they live in. That's why Mashrou Elsaada is aiming to support those people psychologically through color therapy by using joyful colors, creative designs and inspiring quotes to transform these slums and bring them back to their former glory. We also aim at taking an active part in those people's lives and help them to contribute to their own future.