Magnetic Bodies - Huda Lutfi
(This event has passed)

May 15–16, 2015
May 15–Jun 1, 2015
Organized by: Townhouse West
Venue: Townhouse West
Address: Westown HUB, Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed

Magnetic Bodies
Huda Lutfi
Opening 15th and 16th of May - July 1st 
Townhouse West, Westown HUB

Huda Lutfi, a historian, tells stories through an abundance of bodies; bodies that are sometimes functional, decorative and concurrently disposable. She tells of pressures and subconscious presumptions. Her work allows for an exploration of the subliminal connection between power dynamics and the aesthetic. Lutfi’s statements, subtly political and visually magnetic, are reminders of realities that have become almost indiscernible.

Perpetual displays of stoic bodies, coated and paraded to make up for what is lacking. Direct contact with these bodies, with their helplessness and their simultaneous power, the promises they make and the weights that mold them. Hypnotic repetition that normalizes and blinds. The literal nature of these bodies carries over to their representative nature. They are objects.