Learn Russian with Russian Teachers
(This event has passed)

Mar 17–Apr 15, 2016
Organized by: Cairo Cultural Center
Venue: Cairo Cultural Center
Address: 19, July 26th st., Cairo, Egypt
Admission: 250 L.E for holiday courses - 400 L.E. for intensive corse
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1560728900911168/

Learn Russian with Russian Teachers


In Cairo Cultural Center we provide an opportunity to learn Russian language and get the benifits of using it through the general and convesation courses for both beginners and andvanced learners of Russian Language.

Intensive Course: 
Duration: 4 weeks/ 8 lectures
Weekly attendance: 3 Lectures
Dates: Monday-Thursday
Costs: 400 LE/ Level instead of 600 LE for limited time


Holiday Courses
Duration: 4 weeks/ 8 lectures
Weekly attendance: 1 Lecture
Dates:  Friday - Saturday
Costs: 250 LE/Level instead of 400 LE for limited time

For farther information:
Mobile:  01003197849 / 01004587888
Whatsapp: 01006560186
Website:  ecc-egypt.net