Lanes of Sawa
(This event has passed)

Aug 1–28, 2015
Organized by: Townhouse West
Venue: Townhouse West
Address: Westown HUB, Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed

One of the most successful independent community-based programs in Cairo, SAWA encompasses participants and audiences from various cultural and socioeconomic contexts. Moving beyond its original purpose of outreach, SAWA has become a platform for facilitation, offering technical artistic support to both novices and professionals, and providing an outlet for emerging and established artists to sell their work. 

Through workshops on photography, fashion design, drawing and painting and curating, the program reaches over a thousand individuals a year from various comminutes, with SAWA now holding its own exhibitions internationally. 

This exhibition is a part of SAWA’s story. Some of the artists exhibited today have either been SAWA workshop participants or instructors, or both. Most of the works are by established artists who regularly hold solo shows and have become notable names among collectors; others are emerging and their work is fast becoming recognizable within a rich and bustling art scene. These are artists who both support and are supported by SAWA. By exhibiting in this gallery space, they act as a funding mechanism that assists the sustainability of SAWA, so it can continue its role of uncovering and fostering talent.

For more information contact:
(02) 012 853 676 70