Indian Crafts / seminars and exhibitions
(This event has passed)

Apr 5–7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 10:00am
Apr 9–11, 2015
Venue: el-Foustat Traditional Crafts Center
Admission: free

Marketing crafts ‘out there’ and outside an inner circle has become imperative to sustain the growth and distribution of handicrafts. Such sales are personal interactions. Collaborations and shared experiences on handicrafts between 2 nations push the boundaries of appreciation and purchase.

This event combining display of handpicked craft merchandise in prime locations with demonstrations by master craftsmen from both countries will exhibit the range that handicrafts hold.

Classes and workshops conducted by master craftsmen from both countries will demonstrate their art.

Discussions will be held on focused design and marketing strategies with prominent players from both countries working in the space of rural craft and design.

Well known exponents in this field from India such as Laila Tyabji, Meera Goradia and Mr.S.S Biswas (DC Handicrafts) will speak on the craft, craftsmen and the marketing of handicrafts

5th-7th April: Craft Exhibition, Symposium and Inauguration at El-Foustat Traditional Crafts Center, Behind Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque, Misr El-Kadima at 5:30 PM

7th April: Craft of Marketing, Foustat

9th-11th April: Craft Exhibition, Hanager, Cairo Opera House