The Happy Family
(This event has passed)

Oct 26–Dec 5, 2014
Organized by: KAFEIN
Address: 28 Sherif Street, Downtown Cairo, Egypt

Kafein's 5th exhibition, entitled "The Happy Family," is about the life of the artist, Carl Dienelt, in Cairo. Carl prefers to exhibit in Cafes as apposed to galleries as they offer more diversity in terms of the audience.

This exhibition will run from Sunday October 26 through the beginning of December. Join us on Sunday after 7pm for the opening festivities and to meet the artist.

About the artist: Carl Dienelt was born in 1948 in a small village in Germany/Saxonia and began drawing from the age of four. The child of a seamstress and miner, at the age of sixteen, Carl started working in the chemical industry which he continued in for 21 years. Later he switched his career path and worked for seventeen years in the art university where he studied nude drawing and painting as well as etching. His first Exhibition was in 1986 and since then his works have been displayed in around eighty different exhibitions all over the world including: Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, France, and American. His latest exhibition was in May of 2014 at the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum in Cairo.