The Gypsy Jazz ft.
(This event has passed)

May 5, 2017 8:00–11:00pm
Organized by: 3elbat alwan
Venue: 3elbat alwan
Address: 15 ahmed heshmat st. from el maraashly st. zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Tickets for 60 EGP

The gypsy jazz project, A Cairo based band, started in 2012 with a guitar and a violin influenced completely by

the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grapelli and their Gypsy Jazz tunes that started out a while before the year 1937 when 
one of the biggest hits was released "Minor Swing".
The band is the first and the only to present the mostly-upswing gypsy jazz music to the jazz scene.


Andrew Guindi: Guitar
Amir Latif: Violin
Ashraf Rizk: Accordion
Amr Soliman: Guitar
Michael Adel: Guitar
Andrew Safwat: Bass

links to the band:

Ticket: 60LE *includes drinks