Fashion illustration and design
(This event has passed)

May 13, 2016 7:00–9:00pm
Organized by: Cairo Cultural Center
Venue: Cairo Cultural Center
Address: 19, July 26th st., Cairo, Egypt

Drawing is the language of the designers. They use it to communicate with their customers, producers and their colleagues in the field. These sketches usually come in consistent 3d form.


First: Drawing
- Introduction to the human scale and learn about the dimensions,

- Lights and shadow analysis and how to use the light,

- How the colors affect the design

- How to draw the different materials and textures as real,

- Draw different designs,

- Learn different sketching techniques,

- Introduction to fashion illustration schools and the most famous illustrators,

- The use of different materials to sketch as:

* Pencils,

* Pens,

* Water colors,

* Markers,

* How to combine between different coloring materials in the sketch.


Second: Design
- Basics and fundamentals,

- Introduction to the design curves,

- How to use design curves to reshape the body appearance, 

- Design Elements,

- How to create mood board and get to know the inspiration sources, 

- How to design a collection,

- How to create a portfolio,