///de*sync: a series of film nights///
(This event has passed)

Feb 24, 2019 7:00–10:00pm
Organized by: Contemporary Image Collective (CIC)
Venue: Contemporary Image Collective (CIC)
Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, 22 Abd al-Khaliq Tharwat St., Downtown Cairo, Egypt

///de*sync: a series of film nights///
Sunday, 24 February 2019, 7pm

With films by Marina Maher, Magda Magdy & Fai Ahmed, Assem Hendawi, Abdel Rahman Nached Fadlel-Mawlah, Dana Enani

In the films presented, the search for personal family histories is intertwined with their resonance in the scope of other social institutions and the challenges of living an independent life. Their production methods also vary from relying on small scale support to formal or alternative educational frameworks. The works use visual experimental effects and interventions on photographs from personal archives, they refer to local film history or the filmmakers’ personal diaries about their daily interactions with their families.

<<de*sync>> is a series of events dedicated to film, video and moving image works. With this series we hope to create a more open format that intends to show and discuss the works of filmmakers and artists who like to experiment with image and sound and discuss their work with each other and the public. The programme specifically considers works that emphasize experimentation in their formal, narrative or conceptual approach, that try to find different ways of working together and that open up to forms of representation or perspectives outside of established patterns.

The selection of works shown is developed out of the conversations held after the screenings and in reaction to and based on suggestions from the public. Instead of finding works that engage with topics we work on or with interests we follow as part of our curatorial work, we intend to propose a “reading” or connecting thread between the works brought together for each evening that is based on what we see and hear around us and would like to discuss.

<<3al Al-Barka>>, Marina Maher, 25:35 min, 2018
<<In The Name Of God 333>>, Abdel Rahman Nached Fadlel-Mawlah, 4:26 min, 2018
<<Fragments From An Assimilated Witness>>, Assem Hendawi, 11 min, 2018
<<Philosophical Suicide>>, Magda Magdy & Fai Ahmed, 2:27 min, 2018
<<In Frame>>, Dana Enani, 19 min, 2018

<<de*sync>> are monthly film nights. If you are interested in proposing works to be screened in this context please visit us at CiC or write us on: de_sync@ciccairo.com