Back to childhood and Spacetoon with Tarek Al Arabi Tourgane
(This event has passed)

Mar 2, 2017 8:00–11:00pm
Organized by: 3elbat alwan
Venue: 3elbat alwan
Address: 15 ahmed heshmat st. from el maraashly st. zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Tickets for 50 EGP

Childhood memories can makes us happy. & Some of our best childhood memories are related to cartoons & kids shows. & now, Tarek Al Arabi Tourgane will hold a concert with his son & daughters Mohamed, Dima & Tala in Cairo .He is one of the great people who made us happy as kids by his songs & music. This concert will recall our great memories & bring us to nostalgia. Do not miss it!

Band Members : 
Mohammad Al Arabi Tourgane Guitar and Vocal 
Dima Tourgane: Vocal 
Tala Tourgane : Cajon & Drums
Amr Darwish : Violin
Ali Ahmed : Guitar
Nour Khan : Vocal


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