Zewail City

Areas of Focus:
Address: Ahmed Zewail Road, October Gardens, 6th of october
Date of Establishment: 2011
Website: https://zewailcity.edu.eg/main/index.php?lang=en
Email: info@zewailcity.edu.eg
Phone: +2 (02) 385 40 400
Public Hours:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mission Statement

Zewail City – with its five constituents: the University of Science and Technology, the Research Institutes, the Technology Pyramid, the Academy, and the Center for Strategic Studies – is designed to bring about effective participation in 21st century science, to elevate local technologies to an international level and to increase national productivity. We aim to contribute to building a knowledge-based society, founded on creative thinking through providing a merit-based education and engaging with the public at large, and integrating the challenge of a rigorous academic study, with the spirit of collaborative work and scientific discoveries.


Zewail City of Science and Technology has five essential sub-structures that are interlinked, but each with a separate mission:
The University: for advanced learning.
The Research Institutes: for excellence in research and development.
The Technology Pyramid: for the transfer of technology to national gross domestic product in the global market.
The Academy: for preparing gifted students during the pre-university phase.
The Center for Strategic Studies: for the assessment of the benefits and risks involved in large-scale national projects.

The five sub-structures are planned to be coherently interactive for optimum collaboration and benefit, both scientifically and physically. Such a structure offers students and researchers the best possible environment for learning and contributing to the creation of new knowledge.

Zewail City of Science and Technology will not be an isolated island of excellence in its main location in 6th of October City on the outskirts of Cairo. It will coordinate and cooperate with universities and research centers nationally and internationally.

Zewail City has established many collaborations with research organizations across Egypt for the enhancement of national productivity.