Waraqat-The Art of Folding Paper

Areas of Focus:
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Waraqat.Origami
Email: info.waraqat@gmail.com
Phone: (+2) 0102-037-7302

Mission Statement

'Waraqat' presents:
Origami workshops for kids,teens,adults.
Origami event decoration (birthday,wedding,babyshower).
Origami functional products for sale.

Origami is a Japanese art for paper folding. "Ori" means folding, and "Kami" means paper. By which you can turn a simple sheet of square paper into a model.

'Waraqat' means papers in Arabic and presents Origami products like Origami paper, gift boxes, cards, car and home ornaments and others. Waraqat meas papers in Arabic.


'Waraqat' has worked with as young people as 4 to as old as 60. Everyone definitely has something to add to the paper in hand. You give the paper a part of your thoughts, feelings and soul.


'Waraqat' available at:
Diwan Bookstore - Heliopolis and Zamalek
Qirtassiya Diwan - Zamalek
Sufi Bookstore - Zamalek
Al Kotob Khan - Maadi
Oum El Donia - Downtown and Maadi
Zafir - Zamalek
Wanas - Zamalek
Falak - Garden city
And local bazaars and events.. stay tuned!!

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