Transport for Cairo

Mission Statement

What does Transport for Cairo (TfC) do?
•We provide data-driven consulting services & data products that support the transport transition.
•We strive for excellence in service and product delivery.
•TfC collaborations scale our impact, creating value beyond our project boundaries.
*The vision
We aim to create shared value and work on solving the challenge of transitioning transport towards sustainability.
We pursue Deep Decarbonisation, identify pathways, include transport workers in our work & produce gendered pro-poor solutions to transition the sector.
We understand the complexity of the sector across is value chain and optimise for shared value creation: societal & economic progress.
*Projects & Services
Globally we focus on data. Our core vertical is data collection, analysis & visualisation in data-poor Environments, particularly in Africa. To date, we worked in Cairo, Addis Ababa, Djibouti, and Kampala.
Locally, we focus on improving transportation. Our local horizontal is sustainable mobility.
We provide two core offerings:
• Data-driven consulting services, working with clients to define and solve specific problems related to the transport transition.
• License data products to clients that enable them to build compelling service offerings and build new insights.
To date, we successfully delivered more than 20 projects across five countries.