Mission Statement

TADAMUN encourages citizens to claim their Right to the City and its democratic management.


The TADAMUN Initiative believes that all citizens have an equal right to their city, as well as a shared responsibility towards it. TADAMUN also believes that solidarity among citizens is the only way to achieve social justice and a decent standard of living, particularly for many who have been ignored for too long. TADAMUN strives to work with all stakeholders as it builds alliances and coalitions to encourage change and introduces realistic alternatives and solutions for existing urban problems. What we need is not more undemocratic and elitist decisions, but for all citizens to claim and demand their urban rights and to devise new urban policies that are more effective, equitable, participatory, and sustainableWhy TADAMUN


Dilapidated housing, inadequate utilities, inequitable public services, pollution, traffic jams, diminishing public open space and green space, and garbage in our streets are problems and challenges we all face in our neighborhoods and cities. Such challenges are directly related to the way our cities have been governed for many decades. Overcoming such challenges does not only require new public policies and professional expertise, but the engagement of all city residents since they experience these problems every day and have, more than is acknowledged, ideas about how to address them
The distribution of public resources and services is not transparent or equitable across the city’s different neighborhoods and until recently the government has prevented residents from making decisions about their future, particularly at the local level. Current urban policies continue to fail to resolve such challenges because they still largely deny obvious realities and see residents as part of the problem, not as part of the solution. During the past two years, we Egyptians have successfully mobilized to demand change, yet to transform our urban reality we need to continue to demand improved living conditions to build an equitable, just, vibrant, and affordable city

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