Sonata Music Center

Areas of Focus:
Address: 49 Rd 9, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Al Maadi, Cairo
Date of Establishment: 2005
Phone: 0100 093 3945
Public Hours:
12:00 am - 10:00 pm

Mission Statement

Founded in 2002, and promoting a holistic approach to music, Sonata Center Music has been teaching and helping music lovers in egypt for more than 20 years, improving the quality of music education in Egypt.
Sonata Center Music is a privately-owned music school started from scratch by Dr/ Bushar Mohamed, who wanted to create the ideal place for people to learn. Sonata Center Music in El Maadi, provides music lessons for people who want to learn to play, those who would like to improve their technique, gain experience or grow in confidence.
Giving you access to extremely well qualified and professional teachers as well as excellent facilities, allows all students the opportunity to reach their goals whilst enjoying their instrument. Our highly experienced, patient tutors are passionate about teaching you how to play. From beginners to advanced performers, Sonata Center Music can help you achieve your goal.
All ages and experience levels are welcome to learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
We have the desire to promote music in all its forms. We live it, we breathe it, play it, listen to it, learn about it, teach it and inspire with it.
We have several specialist tutors, all of whom have been selected for their experience, ability and stylistic approach. The team at Sonata Center Music have been mentoring musicians for years, helping thousands of musicians to achieve their musical goals. We work endlessly to make Sonata Center Music the best place for people to learn, from those who want a new hobby to professional musicians and every level in between. We love what we do, so let us help you