Areas of Focus:
Date of Establishment: 2011

Mission Statement

Shagara is an NGO that employes trees in a specific way to protect the environment and provide aid to the poor.


Through growing more trees and plants, specifically inside cities, Shagara attempts to offset environmental problems; specifically those related to global warming and air pollution, increase environmental awareness and last but not least provide aid to the economically disadvantaged.

The word shagara means tree in Arabic and it is trees that Shagara aims to grow more of, particularly inside cities, in order to protect the environment and at the same time mitigate poverty. While the environmental benefits of trees are obvious, one might question how trees can improve someone economically? One solution lies in providing poorer individuals with fruit yielding trees and plants. This way trees can work their environmental wonders while simultaneously provide additional revenue to the economically disadvantaged. Although, we are currently based in Cairo, our vision is global. This is just a glimpse of what Shagara is about. If you believe in what we do, you can help us by liking our page and spreading the word!