Safarkhan Art Gallery

Areas of Focus:
Address: 6 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate
Date of Establishment: 1968
Phone: + 20227353314
Public Hours:
11:00 am - 9:00 pm except sundays

Mission Statement

SafarKhan enjoys the unique dual role of collecting and selling modern Egyptian art; this distinctive attribute is one of the various reasons why SafarKhan is so special. Ever since 1968 this quaint gallery in the heart of Zamalek has sated the ever-growing appetite and appreciation for Egyptian art in Cairo. Known as SafarKhan, this establishment has long been at the forefront of the dynamic art scene in Egypt and has since rose to prominence as the most respected and talked about venue of its kind.

Besides being the place to go for patrons wanting to indulge in the rarities of the pioneers in Egyptian art, SafarKhan is also one that offers a platform for the most prominent contemporary artists to exhibit, and fosters a continual focus towards discovering and introducing fresh talents to the scene. Nestled in amongst the bustling character of Brazil Street, SafarKhan began to cater to the market for fine Egyptian art in 1989 after current owner Sherwet Shafei joined the late founder Roxanne Petridis and shifted the model of the gallery from primarily dealing in Islamic artifacts to one that centered on exhibiting the best of modern Egyptian art. Sherwet Shafei began her eventful career in the government operated Egyptian TV Channel Two in 1960, where she assumed control over the production of weekly segments on national art. It was from this position that Sherwet Shafei began to nurture her deep affection for Egyptian art, interviewing some of the movement’s pioneers in Mahmoud Said, Ragheb Ayad and Hamed Nada. Shafei’s knowledge and dedication to the subject gradually became unrivalled and the reputation of Safar Khan ever since has been a testament to her undying devotion to promoting the significance of art in Egyptian society across various mediums. 

SafarKhan’s strategy since its inception as a modern art gallery has been to educate and enrich the public, local and foreign, on the originality, character and social role of Egyptian art, and its reflective capacity on Egyptian identity throughout the years. SafarKhan’s catalogue of services mainly involves organizing exhibitions based on a specific theme, subject or artist in Egypt as well as dealing with art collectors, institutions and experts locally and internationally to cultivate the appreciation and popularity of Egyptian art. Whilst the characteristic look of SafarKhan has remained unchanged, it has evolved to incorporate more functions and services to the market, particularly in valuations, authentications, and maintaining close ties with some of the world’s leading auction houses. SafarKhan’s involvement and journey through the ages of Egyptian fine art has culminated in the production of a book chronicling the span of works in the collection that has been amassed over the past four decades, and remains and everlasting record of the preeminence of SafarKhan and owner Sherwet Shafei as promoters and educators of Egyptian art.