Raise your Voice

Mission Statement

“Raise your Voice” is a workshop training young Egyptian women to become documentary filmmakers and video journalists, and equipping them with the skills they need to artistically express their views on the society they live in. 

Our focus is issue of sexual harassment in Egypt, which we will explore and analyse through the medium of film. Participants of the workshop will receive a rigorous four-month training course in non-fictional film theory, cinematography, sound-recording, directing and storytelling. 

Film-making is a team effort, which is why at “Raise Your Voice” we work collaboratively to share and develop our stories. We want to create a space in which these women can comfortably exchange views and find ways to express themselves through the medium of film. Together we will ‘raise our voice’ to create productions that will challenge stereotypes, provoke thought and grow the presence of the female voice in the ongoing discussion about the women’s rights and empowerment in Egypt

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