Nafas School of Agroculinary Arts and Sciences

Areas of Focus:
Address: 4 211 St. Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: +202-25166361 +201022088378

Mission Statement

Please note that Nafas is closed until further notice.


Nafas is an agroculinary school that reimagines the kitchen, the cook and the diner as components of larger ecological cycles. Cooking is not just about chopping up ingredients and mixing them together in different ways: At Nafas, students learn to take ownership of their own health and nutrition, understanding that the choices they make – from the type of seed their food comes from, to the way their meals are prepared, to how the waste that comes out of their kitchen and dining tables is disposed of – all have an effect on their bodies and the planet. Nafas places social relationships at the center of all our activities, bringing people and families together to share the learning and the food coming out of our kitchen.


School Program
The Nafas school program takes science out of the lab and into the kitchen, offering teachers and students analternative medium for learning about our bodies and the world we live in. Nafas has specially developed hands-on, inquiry-based and collaborative learning curricula of cooking and gardening activities that specifically integrate what students are studying in school. By bringing knowledge and food together, students are able to break down and easily digest complex information.

After-School Program
Every month, Nafas will offer different after-school programs for school students. The Nafas’s After School Program is meant to deepen participants’ understanding of what goes into their body and what happens to our planet, making learning about nutrition and ecology inseparable. The ultimate goal of this program is for young gastronomes to take complete ownership of their own sustenance in way that is responsible toward themselves and the world they live in.

Visiting Chef Program
Our visiting chef program features chefs from Cairo, Egypt and beyond who will offer monthly classes teaching different culinary skills and recipes. Our visiting chef program challenges chefs to think about the larger ecological and social cycles of where their ingredients come from. 

Nafas Kitchen Gardens
The Nafas Kitchen Garden Program is meant to support participants that aspire to grow their own food in urban settings. Space and water constraints pose the biggest challenges for the urban gardener. The Nafas Kitchen Garden Program has been developed to support our participants, whether they want to become self-sufficient, partially self-sufficient or just want to grow some aubergines on their windowsill. 
The Nafas Kitchen Garden Program uses an agro-ecological approach and utilizes ecology, agro-ecology, organic farming and permaculture techniques to create urban food gardens. 
This program creates food gardens that adhere to the guidelines of the Slow Food 10,000 Gardens in Africa project.