Mosaic Club

Mission Statement

Mosaic club is a global travel & discovery community aims to inspire people to discover the world and nature around them and interact with different cultures & traditions.

Mosaic club was founded in April 2014 by a group of young Egyptian youth, the first club started in Cairo and willing to extend around Egypt and around the World.

Why did we choose Mosaic Club?!

Mosaic :is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or our team consist of event planners,photographers,tour guides also we aim to discover the moment by spreading love,fun,peace every where.

Club:because we believe in creating peace,spreading love,enjoying all together as a community not just a bunch of people but an Idea. 

Because Mosaic is finding a better way together different things and making it fit together to represent something very nice 
we do believe in providing Enjoying the moment.
We'll be more than happy to receive your unusual ideas and accepting you in our team and make your ideas come true :)

Our Vision 
"To help people live their lives passionately and to the fullest. & bring us together to love the earth which we live on through discovering new travel experiences, adventures &cultures"

To provide tours to interested participants regardless of age. 
To encourage cultural exchanges. 
To promote world peace through traveling to other destinations and by learning about other people, heritages, lifestyles and hobbies both similar and different from our own. 
To gain insight and understanding about our environments. 
To enjoy ourselves and the world which surrounds us and make the most of each day we live. To love, to learn and to live!!!!

Mosaic Club Team 
Love,Learn,Enjoy the moment

Feel free to contact us and share your ideas through our 

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