Misr Real Estate Assets Management

Areas of Focus:
Address: 9 Talaat Harb St.., Downtown, Cairo, Egypt
Date of Establishment: 2007
Website: http://www.mpmceg.com/SitePages/index
Email: radwa-misrea@hotmail.com
Phone: 25772671 - 25902119 -16323
Public Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 7:30am to 3:30pm

Mission Statement
Misr Real Estate Management Company is a joint stock company established in 1979 according to the Investment Law No. 8 for the year 1997 and its amendments, the main shareholder is Misr Insurance Company, Insurance Holding Company Egypt and the foreign partner Walker Son & Packman (United Kingdom). Scope of work. Providing all services and activities (technical / administrative / specialized) for all types and types of real estate, establishments, residential, administrative, service, commercial and tourism complexes, bodies, offices, companies, banks, etc. Purpose The company works in real estate and conducts management, operation, development, marketing and maintenance services for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, administrative, as well as real estate consultancy for all types of properties to maximize value and increase revenue as it is undertaking a number of other services (Cleaning services - Buffets - Expansion in the application of security systems for all properties). The company is an investment tributary of the largest insurance entity in Egypt and the Middle East, working within a system of integrated real estate companies that has a wealth of assets and large-scale projects, both owned by the Insurance Holding Company and its subsidiaries or holding companies owned by other organizations of the Ministry of Investment. Company vision Misr Real Estate Management to become the leading and specialized Company in Egypt and the Middle East that increases the value of the property that it manages. Company Mission. We at Misr Real Estate Management Company, which is proud to possess and includes among its sectors and departments the rarest specialized expertise in all activities practiced by using the latest equipment and tools and the best raw materials (forty years of experience) ... We give great attention to all entities that we provide And with the smallest details to achieve the expectations of our customers, but exceeds ... Which makes our company name combined with credibility, high experience and quality in all our services to the community.