Maseera Studio

Areas of Focus:
Address: 63 El Horya street heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 02/2904569

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative. Last updated April 2023. 



Every person owns a story, a story of being, of self discovery,of feeling lost and confused in the multiple tracks of life,walking roads of loss and gain, failure and success,of feeling determined then doubtful, going astray then finding destination and roads of development, then finally crossing over the stumbling blocks to reach a certain resolution and a settled ground. 
whether we are aware of our own curvy walks or not, we are forming a story within our life, a story with a beginning, middle and end.

MASEERA, is a media and training studio dedicated to record your walking journey on film and helps career shifters,market enterers,self seekers find their way in life by offering multiple on going courses and workshops in different career disciplines to guide and enhance your walk in your dream job.

“Maseera” is pleased to visualize your story,in the most engaging way, whether you are an individual, organization,family, friends, couple,or an ordinary person with a certain message,
we capture your messages in the best visual modes (company profiles, documentaries, mini ads, online videos,motion graffics.)
Our mission is to create a stunning visual storytelling experience that will resonate with your intended audience with simplicity and clarity. 
we manage the production process from concept through to completion. Our team will ensure that your video receives the highest level of work at every stage of it’s execution.

Because Maseera believes in the role of media, and education to achieve a profound social change,we exerts maximum effort to provide high quality, affordable, and practical training courses, led by the best instructors from the largest universities and educational entities in Egypt who share us our societal vision and gladly agrees to offer their high extensive knowledge outside university blocks and get bridged with all our community. 
we aim to train practical skills and knowledge in a huge variety of interest areas. 
we want to be your first kicking off station of your successful walk working your dream job and equip you for the professional labor market.


Creating a sharing loop of information within Egyptian society through positive media and education. 
Carrying out our mission:
1) through Media by crafting superior imagery that resonates inspiring messages in our audience’s psyche and mind,We utilize the highest quality film equipment, technologies and talent available.
2) Document, inform and campaign for social change through , documentaries and media coverage.Contribute to a better cross-cultural understanding between communities and societies.

2) Through Education, by providing the local community with a full spectrum of professional training programmes and workshops, enhancing strengths of individuals hence communities. 


Our on goingTraining courses:
Film Directing.
Documentary(from script to editing film workshop)
Fashion Design
Oil painting
Voice Training
interior Design
DIY wall painting
Wedding planning
Social media
Marketing research 

Media Services:
Corporate Branding Videos.
Training and Education Videos
short films
Webcasts,promos,event videos.
Marketing-viral Videos,
Broadcast & Online Commercials.

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