Areas of Focus:
Address: 73 St. 15 - Maadi Sarayat, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Cairo
Phone: 0101 664 9967
Public Hours:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mission Statement

Our story :
A hub for Cairo’s Urban/UrbanTech innovators, Entrepreneurs and Creatives.
Coworking space + events + workshops + talks + office spaces + coffee.

Why KMT?
KMT (Say: Kemet) is the name for Ancient Egypt.
It means:' black soil’ after the Nile inundation. The word alchemy is also derived from kemet and often refers to a process of transformation and creation.
Essentially, that is why KMT was founded, to be a space for creation, innovation and positive transformation.


What We Do?
KMT House is the first coworking space and program dedicated solely to urbantech in Africa and the Middle East. Through bringing together innovators who experiment with everything from technology, mapping, urban data, and culture, we aim to inspire a new generation of city makers to make more liveable, smarter cities.
Alongside coworking, KMT House has a versatile event space and offers a plethora of workshops to anyone who's interested. These various projects allow the house to maintain a fluid and constructive dynamic, making it easier for people of all shapes and sizes to get involved in a way that suits them.


Our Community
Home to Cairo HackerSpace, Progrss, Wemo, Bey2ollak, Rollo 21, Coca Cola’s 5x20 Lounge, Batana, Alt-Shift Festival and Cairo’s coolest independent changemakers.
Since opening our doors in March of 2018, KMT has hosted, collaborated and partnered with some of Cairo’s (and the worlds!) leading changemakers and innovative startups. Those include: Bey2ollak, Intel, Flat6Labs, Transport for Cairo, Creatables, Economy for the Common Good, Greenish, OuiShare and many more.


Our Vision
At KMT we truly believe (and are living proof) that connectivity breeds innovation, creativity and progress.
With that in mind we designed and curated our coworking membership program and facilities to inspire and connect you to the brightest minds, and to help boost your productivity and creativity


Join our community of changemakers and trendsetters.
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