Hydro Tech

Areas of Focus:
Address: Rooftop Hydrotech Egypt, Street 2, 5th Settlement, New Cairo
Date of Establishment: 2018
Website: https://www.facebook.com/HydroTech-Egypt-437928190295944/
Email: k_hany@aucegypt.edu
Phone: 0102 013 0946

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative. 



Mission: Our target to find a sustainable food source with minimal water usage has been our drive. Our dream is to see fresh, clean, locally grown and water efficient produce being consumed by communities around the Arab and African worlds. The technology and research currently being utilized are making this dream possible.
Our team, through innovation and hard work, was able to build world class hydroponic systems using local resources. Moreover, through various research and trials, our team of growers were able to sustain quality produce in different seasons.


Potential venues were Hydroponics is a perfect match:

Crops producing farms
Specialty farms
Urban development projects (New cities)
Existing roofs of governmental & residential buildings
Research institutes


Vision: Through our three main pillars – consulting, training, and community engagement – we dream of leading the creation of a new food movement that encourages pesticides free, clean, fresh, and local produce that is affordable to the public and sustainable to the environment.