Gezira Art Center

Areas of Focus:
Address: 1 Sheikh Marsafy St., in front of the Gezira Sporting Club, Zamalek
Date of Establishment: 1971
Phone: 2-02-2737-3298, 002-02-2737-3296
Public Hours:
Summer: 10am-10pm, Winter: 10am - 9pm except Fridays

Mission Statement

The Gezira Art Centre occupies the palace of Prince Amru Ibrahim. Its art galleries are named after four Egyptian pioneering artists Ahmed Sabry (1889-1995), Ragheb Ayyad (1892-1983), al-Hussein Fawzy (1905-1999) and Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968). According to the palace’s historical account, it was prepared in 1971 to serve cultural purposes, acting as a venue for the private collection of art withdrawn from the palace of Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoud Khalil in the wake of a decision by late President Anwar Sadat to turn the couple’s residence in Giza into presidential office. Sadat opened the new cultural facility (Palace of Amru Ibrahim) in October 1979. Its basement was also equipped to act as an art gallery named Al-Salam. The facility was upgraded remarkably under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in 1988. After a 10 year-long renovation, the Museum of Islamic Ceramics and the exhibition of European Art Wonders were opened at the Cenre’s four galleries. Moreover, an art gallery on the ground floor was dedicated as a permanent exhibition of the works of art pioneering ceramicist Said al-Sadr (1909-1986). It must be said that since its opening in 1998, which was led by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the Gezira Art Centre has been intensely contributing to cultural and artistic activities in the country. It also became the venue for major international and national art and cultural events. In the meantime, the Centre’s outdoor theatre at the rear garden celebrates concerts, catwalk shows, cultural soirées and theatrical performances.

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