Areas of Focus:
Address: 28 Falaki St, Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt.
Website: http://www.duco-eg.com
Email: hassan@duco-eg.com
Phone: +2 010 0516 6799

Mission Statement

Please note that there is no recent update for this initiative. 




DUCO aspires to become an agency and platform for the facilitation and promotion of public art in an urban context powered by a commercial approach while maintaining the mission of contributing towards an urban aesthetical development.



With massive corporate marketing and construction budgets and the fact that Egypt comprises vast plain and ripe surfaces reaching millions of square meters among the built environment, there is a huge potential for transforming those surfaces into attractive canvases expressing visually appealing art and graphics.



One of our core values is being completely inclusive targeting publicly visible and accessible surfaces only, we intend to work with all social levels towards anti-segmentation and keen to engage with and support informal housing development initiatives. Additionally we use paint with it’s various applications as our main production method to encourage art and craftsmanship, sustainability and maintenance are among our values and service offerings as well. Street artists and graphic designers along with other creative individuals and collectives are our key resources and we are keen to support and publicize their work on an unconditional basis as part of our philosophy. Our planned initiatives include personal development programs specifically for local artists seeking international exposure and also for production support labor mainly consisting of painters aimed towards motivation and appreciation for craftsmanship. Additionally we plan to curate and host international public art events towards a better exchange and exposure for local scenes providing a dialogue and participatory environment through public talks and workshops. We believe in partnerships and are keen to involve the community in all of our works as part of our crowdsource outreach and strategy.