Dar El-Ain

Areas of Focus:
Address: 4 Behlaer Passage, off Qasr al-Nil St. off Tal‘at Harb Sq., Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Date of Establishment: 2000
Website: https://web.facebook.com/elainpublishing
Email: elainpublishing@gmail.com
Phone: (+202) 2396 2475, 01008033675
Public Hours:
From 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m except weekends

Mission Statement
Dar Al-Ain is a cultural institution that contributes to the preparation of the Arab person Culturally, to catch up with the knowledge society, a society that requires a new mind that feeds on knowledge characterized by diversity and depth, and then requires new publication, authorship, translation, presentation, production, and distribution. ...... About Al Ain's publishing policy The book offered for printing is sent by the author in a hard copy to the address of Al-Ain, or he comes himself to deliver the work. Then the text is presented to the reading committee, for evaluation, and in turn submits a report on it to Dr. Fatima Al-Budi The chairwoman of the board of directors, who takes the decision whether or not the book is valid for publication, based on the report of the reading committee, and whether or not it is in line with the strategies adopted by Dar Al Ain. So, you decide to publish. House message Dar Al-Ain is a cultural institution founded in 2000 AD. It contributes to preparing the Arab person culturally to join the knowledge society, a society that requires a new mind that feeds on knowledge characterized by diversity and depth, and then requires - new publication. House strategy In order for the house to be able to fulfill this mission, it has adopted several strategic directions, the summary of which is: - Inviting distinguished writers who are known for their originality of thought and ingenuity in handling. - Extreme accuracy in selecting the content of the publications so as to meet the needs of the contemporary Arab reader and address the most important questions posed by the efforts of individual and community development. With the need to link this idea with reality. - Focusing on scientific culture in its comprehensive sense without neglecting other fields, and this is motivated by keenness to achieve knowledge integration based on crossing disciplines and their multiplicity in order to avoid a cultural duality that has long prevailed to separate between natural sciences and humanities on the one hand, and between science and arts on the other. - Addressing the phenomenon of the knowledge explosion by focusing on the central concepts and ideas, not on the amount of information, after the Internet opened the flood gates to the roaring information flow. - Cooperating with publishers in Egypt and the Arab world and translating leading books from foreign publishing houses. House values - Victory for freedom of expression and encouraging serious promising pens - Respect for intellectual property - Fulfilling the material and literary rights of writers - Respecting the reader by taking care of producing the book in a discreet and attractive form and producing it at the lowest possible price. - Establishing a relationship with other publishing houses in which honest competition does not prevent the possibility of creating opportunities for fruitful cooperation in favor of the advancement of Arab culture. A firm conviction that the printed book will continue to play a decisive role in spreading culture, while striving for electronic publishing, side by side, in a gradual and deliberate manner. Features unique to Al Ain Publishing House - Establishing a new relationship between the publisher and the writers, so that the two parties merge into one family, linked by common cultural concern and the desire to revive vitality and fertility in cultural life. - Ensuring to invite readers to join this cultural family through a monthly cultural salon in which readers are allowed to meet directly with their writers and creative critics to discuss the works of these writers.