Areas of Focus:
Address: 13 Abd El-Hameed Saeed, Marouf, Qasr an Nile, Cairo Governorate
Date of Establishment: 2015
Website: http://daal-rm.com/
Email: info@daal.com / daal.center@gmail.com
Phone: 02 0100 1533 324

Mission Statement

What is DAAL ?

Inspired from the Arabic letter ( د ) which is a code that stands for "GUIDE & LEAD". DAAL is a unique concept that integrates both research and media solutions under one roof.


DAAL" Center is a center for researches and media production. It indicates to reservoir of knowledge and reality. At the same time, it does not consider itself as its guardian. Its main focus is evidencing the way to the objective knowledge without getting restricted to a party, a current or ideology by itself.
From the other side, "DAAL" Center, in an age where media has progressed and developed, is trying to transfer the research and knowledge to informative media material where it embodies the letters in forms accessible to the public throughout the world. It is an original form based upon a condensed research and profound technical vision.
Since the beginning of its establishment, the ones who are in charge of "DAAL" Center attempted the establishment of an integrated building that enables the achievement of its researching and media tasks perfectly without appealing to exterior establishments or only for exceptional cases.

"DAAL" Center acts to confirm the free and independent research and media concept, culture of exchanging the ideas and opinions, constructing the researching and media capacities and qualifications, the possibility of producing and spreading the information, news and viewpoints depending upon the objective scientific criteria and the certified information without ideological interference for the ones who are in charge of the center and other personnel.
The Center is fully independent when it comes to the management of its researching activity. In its researches, the Center takes care of adopting a critical curriculum that provides great freedom for its researchers and experts in expressing their opinions and diligences in the limits of the objectiveness rules and the scientific research traditions.