Canadian International College

Areas of Focus:
Address: District 12, Continental Gardens, Behind El Yasmeen Resort, ElSheikh Zayed City, 6th of October
6, Center Services, South of Police Academy, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Date of Establishment: 2004
Phone: 16242
Public Hours:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mission Statement

Affordable, Canadian Bachelor degrees:
CIC was established in 2004 with the purpose of bringing Canadian Education closer to Egyptian students. We partnered with Cape Breton University. A partnership that we are proud of always as we continuously provide our students with affordable, Canadian bachelor degrees whether they decided to continue their studies here in Egypt through our dual degree program or in Canada through our transfer and exchange programs.
We started with 250 students, 2 schools and only 1 campus. Being in the market for 14 years now CIC has 2 campuses, more than 8000 students, 1000+ graduates all of which are excelling either in their studies or their careers.

Make it Happen
Here at CIC we help you Make It Happen. We provide a life-changing experience full of opportunities on our campuses. We make sure that you get the balance between practical and theoretical learning. Our graduates are the best proof that your high school grades don’t define you, and that is why our aim is to not only offer academic degrees, but also provide you with the whole college experience. We want you to get the best out of your time, develop your skills, help you acquire the knowledge needed & apply those experiences in real life whether you decided to continue studying in Egypt or in Canada we bring the Canadian classroom experience and the Canadian bachelor degree closer to you.
We see success stories shaped on our campuses, we see potential talents that we always work hard to nurture and develop their skills to help them Make It Happen and achieve their goals.

Our bachelor degrees in Business, Engineering & Mass Communication are accredited from Egypt & Canada. Being accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities here in Egypt means that you can register in the syndicate of your specialization easily after graduation and get licensed. The Canadian bachelor degree is accredited from Cape Breton University, Canada. Our alumni who are now working professionals each in his/her industry are the best proof that their accredited bachelor degree was the first milestone in their success.

Student Development:
No matter what is your field of study, we provide you with student development opportunities from the year you join CIC to your graduation year. We offer the balance between theoretical and practical learning, to prepare you for the job market. Disregarding your high-school grade we take you into a transformative experience where you turn into well-rounded graduate who is able to compete locally and globally. Varying from school related training sessions with industry professionals, to field trips where you get to visit multinational companies, well-known channels and studios and sites and have a closer look on how the work is done. In addition to the summer internships in international companies and part time jobs here on our campus.

With our programs, accredited degrees, travel & development opportunities we help you Make It Happen.