Cairo Urban Sketchers

Mission Statement

Sketching by definition is a rapid drawing. Through sketching architects and designers communicate ideas in a monologue, dialogue or even group discussions. Sketching is an activity which refines the perception of a certain object and therefore brings the sketcher to a deeper level of understanding of that which is being drawn. 
How many times did we go through areas of Cairo and notice phenomena and features worthy of observation and examination? How many times did we yearn for a chance just go and sketch out these observations but that chance never came through?
Our walk targets observing, speculating, understanding the city which we rapidly cross but in a joyful and social environment. We hope that this series of events brings together architecture and urban related communities and share their observations and ideas about the city.
We aim to make these walks fruitful through compiling a database of documented observations of our community. We encourage the participants to share their sketches with us resting assured that their ownership of their sketches is preserved.

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